Engine Repair

We service a variety of engine types. With honesty and integrity we will let you know what and if anything is actualy malfunctioning.

Turbo Kits

We build a variety of custom turbo kits for every make and model.

Custom Work

Custom tuning, fabrication, and development.


All service work on all makes and brands.

From carbureted to fuel injected, we even do oil changes!

No Job is too big or too small!

Bike Care Video Tutorials

Oil Changes

Keep a Strict Oil Maintenance Schedual
Changing your oil regularly is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to keep your engine running.

Tire Maintenance

Only Contact You Have With the Ground
Horsepower, brakes, steering! These are all affected by your tires. Not maintaining your tires can not only keep your bike from great launches, but can be dangerous on any road condition.

Chain Maintenance

Can't Move Without the Chain
The chain from your engine to your wheel is an essential part of the mechanics of your bike. Keep it greased to prevent it from rusting and breaking while riding. It also reduces heat, extending the life of the metal.

Winter Storage

"It Ran Fine When I Parked It"
Fluids break down over time and rubber can dry rot. Take the proper steps when parking your bike for the winter to minimize headached in the spring!